Introduction To Computation And Modeling For Differential Equations

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Uses mathematical, numerical, and programming tools to solve differential equations for physical phenomena and engineering problems Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations, Second Edition features the essential principles and applications of problem solving across disciplines such as engineering, physics, and chemistry


The Second Edition integrates the science of solving differential equations with mathematical, numerical, and programming tools, specifically with methods involving ordinary differential equations numerical methods for initial value problems IVPs numerical methods for boundary value problems BVPs partial differential equations PDEs numerical methods for parabolic, elliptic, and hyperbolic PDEs mathematical modeling with differential equations numerical solutions and finite difference and finite element methods

The author features a unique Five-M approach Modeling, Mathematics, Methods, MATLAB , and Multiphysics, which facilitates a thorough understanding of how models are created and preprocessed mathematically with scaling, classification, and approximation and also demonstrates how a problem is solved numerically using the appropriate mathematical methods

The book is also an excellent self-study guide for mathematics, science, computer science, physics, and engineering students, as well as an excellent reference for practitioners and consultants who use differential equations and numerical methods in everyday situations.

With numerous real-world examples to aid in the visualization of the solutions, Introduction to Computation and Modeling for Differential Equations, Second Edition includes New sections on topics including variational formulation, the finite element method, examples of discretization, ansatz methods such as Galerkin s method for BVPs, parabolic and elliptic PDEs, and finite volume methods Numerous practical examples with applications in mechanics, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, chemical engineering, heat conduction, electromagnetic field theory, and control theory, some of which are solved with computer programs MATLAB and COMSOL Multiphysics Additional exercises that introduce new methods, projects, and problems to further

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