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Cancer imposes daunting effects on the nervous system Brain cancer is one of the most devastating diagnoses a physician can deliver


A final section considers the effect of system cancer on the nervous system and the side effects of treatment

Additional complexities arise in children, where the developing neurological system requires more sensitive treatment

Cancer of the nervous system can take many different forms

Clinical in approach, practical in execution, Neuro-oncology will help you diagnose and manage your patients more effectively

Following a general approach to diagnosis and treatment, the clinical aspects of specific cancer types in adults and children are explained in practical terms

Neuro-oncology unmasks the complexities to provide a straightforward guide to cancers of the nervous system

Neurology in Practice Series Editors Robert A Gross , MD, PhD, Department of Neurology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York, USA Jonathan W Mink, MD, PhD, Department of Neurology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York, USA The Neurology in Practice series provides clinical 'in the office' or 'at the bedside' guides to effective patient care for neurologists

The books are informed by evidence-based practice and feature Algorithms and guidelines where they are appropriate 'Tips and Tricks' boxes hints on improving outcomes 'Caution' warning boxes hints on avoiding complications 'Science Revisited' quick reminder of the basic science principles Summaries of key evidence and suggestions for further reading

The challenges manifest further when management choices need to be made, and multidisciplinary approaches are required

The tone is practical, not academic, with authors offering guidance on what might be done and what should be avoided

Treatment is specific to the type of malignancy, its location in the nervous system and, increasingly, its molecular characteristics

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