Selling Your Business. The Transition From Entrepreneur To Investor

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Twenty-three top advisors from leading firms show entrepreneurs how to transition their business The Entrepreneur's Transition provides an all-in-one handbook for entrepreneurs and corporate insiders seeking advice on their personal financial planning prior to selling or taking a business public


His responsibilities include managing client portfolios and overseeing the firm's investment consulting practice.

It provides a concise, easy-to-read blueprint that can help business leaders navigate before and after a transaction-so they are well positioned and can avoid costly mistakes

It then moves, step by step, through the transaction process and into post transaction diversification, reinvestment, and philanthropy

Louis Crosier Boston, MA is a principal at Windward Investment Management and serves as a member of Windward's Investment Committee

The Entrepreneur's Transition is organized chronologically beginning with the issues a business owner should be concerned with prior to a transaction

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